Oh My has it really been this long

Oh my gosh i can’t believe i have not written a thing since july…that is really bad…things have been busy but good…..i worked all summer …we started kitchen reno…it looks awesome so far….Allie is going to be 2 this month the time sure flew by.


RockYou. Rocks

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We were at the cottage for our holiday in June…it was so nice up there….the girls love it…Maddie loved being in the boat this year…she went fishing with daddy and caught her first fish..

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Here are my Scrapbook Layouts.


Awwwww Spring is finally here…we have been spending so much time outside this past week or so the girls love it….Allie is loving the freedom….Maddie is just loving being outdoors…Here are some pics

My Little Peanuts

Here are some pics of my Girlies.


Oh My it has been a long time.

Wow i can’t believe how long it has been since i wrote something…Dang!!!! Life is crazy…2 kids…a husband…a job…a house….and no time…. Just to catch everyone up on things…I have been back to work since Dec.27th, Allie turned 1, Nov.28th she started walking over the christmas holidays, I got a new car for christmas…. A 2008 Dodge Caliber(white), Maddie turned 3 on Feb.22nd…

Favorite Picture


Sarah asked for our favorite pic…..Here is mine…Fall is my fave time i love the colors and smells the leaves everything about fall. this pic was taken at my in-laws cottage it is just so serene..this pic makes me feel so happy.


Wow Maddie is almost 3 and definitley in her terrible 2’s…We are trying to potty train her it is a very¬† slow process. as she will not tell us when she has to go..She is very smart she knows her colours,shapes,and she can recognize some letters, and she can count to 10. What a beauty.


Wow i can’t believe she will be 1 in two months it has gone by so fast….She has 4 teeth, she is walking along the furniture..she gets brave and uses 1 hand..she tries to say up and down, and thank-you. she is so sweet..

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